2019 Trials:

Winter 2019 Trial Dates:

U 11 and U 13:
U15 and U17 (if required):

Please read through and fill out the Junior Selection Policy Form and Grading form before attending.
For the purpose of arranging trials please submit your signed Trial Information Form and Grading Form when registering.


The St. Monica's Netball Club conducts trials for Under 11's, Under 13's, Under 15's, and U17s where there is more than 10 players.


It has become necessary that the St. Monica's Netball Club trial teams so that we can place them in suitable and competitive SAUCNA divisions. This allows teams to be provided with enough attackers, defenders and mid court players. It also results in players having the opportunity to train and play with others equal to their skill level and experience.


First: We request a trial sheet (which can be downloaded here) to be completed with the players' preferred positions. We are looking for the player to nominate the positions in which they are strongest in and want to play the season. They must take into account their ability and where their skills will be noted by selectors. For example: if you are a GD you should not be putting down 'C' as your preference, because selectors will be selecting you in the centre position - invariably you will play in a lower division than if you had trialled at GD. We try (where possible) to trial the players in their strongest, most commonly played positions throughout the previous year.

Second: We conduct trials in the form of 10 minute games. Players will play on court in simulated match conditions so that selectors can assess their footwork, ball skills, game strategy, strength, height, spacial awareness and understanding of the rules.

Third: Some players only need to take to the court for one rotation while others will need to be seen a few times so that selectors can see where they best fit. Parents should not be concerned if their child has taken to the court for less rotations compared to others. This is no indication of their ability, but rather that selectors can immediately see where they are suited.

Some players will take to the court occasionally, not because they are being looked at, but simply to fill the positions so that we can continue to trial. For some positions we get only 1 or 2 requests to play in that position, but for others we may have 20 players vying for 12 positions. Selectors then need to see what skills each girl has and how they can be best utilised by the team.

Success of player trials have nothing to do with the amount of court time. Selectors are looking at ability and the teams as a whole so that all players are in the most suitable team, correct division and with a good balance of support throughout the whole team.

All our selectors are impartial. During trials parents should not approach the selectors or organiser and all questions should be directed to the Team Co-ordinator before or after the trials.